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It literally took us two years of painstaking search then evaluation of design, quality, availability and of course price to come up with a line that was 1) far outside the quality and design range of Home Depot and Lowes, 2) priced way less than comparable product found at the glitzy designer showrooms.

The new Eviva line of faucets, shower and tub sets, and bathroom fixtures. Right from the start you can see the quality of the packaging, each fixture is bagged and secured in the carton, something seen exclusively in very high end European product. The factory that produces the Eviva product line is the same one that produces under private label for German makers Hans Grohe and Dornbracht. The weight of the valves, the precision feel of their operation, the flawless finishes, the combined with the lifetime warranty, tell the wise consumer, that these are an exceptional value.


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