Great Selection of Stone Care Products in Baltimore MD

Once you’ve purchased and installed natural stone, imported porcelain or ceramic tiles, it’s important to use the right products such as tile sealer and tile cleaner to keep it looking its best.

There are many varied types of materials that we sell at BlueStar, some requiring their own specific type of sealer, penetrant, or coating. We searched for a supplier offering a full line of product that included both solvent based and water based products that was priced lower than the competition. We found the TFC Total Floor Care line, and right away we knew that we had found our stone care solution line that we could be proud to offer our great customers to protect and enhance the beautiful products they purchased at BlueStar.


Natural Stones and some Porcelains generally, require different protection solutions and cleaners based on the porosity and chemical composition of each unique product group. The TFC product family is specialized for each individual use, and a wealth of information to help you with your natural stone sealing or cleaning can be found on the TFC website

Be sure to ask us about the TFC products you will need to complete your natural stone project, and what you will need to keep the stone looking its best.


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